Monday, 15 June 2020

A better future

During British rule in Scotland, around 100,000 Scots were sold as slaves to the colonies.

Scots found guilty of the Act of Proscription - found to be wearing tartan, playing the bagpipes or speaking their native tongue were banished to prison ships bound for the colonies where they would be sold as slaves, and suffer up to 20 years of hard physical labour.

Many of the Scots would die in transit, chained together at the bottom of the ships, often for 5 weeks at a time, forced to live in a pool of their own excrement, urine and sickness.

The slaves who survived the brutal passage would have witnessed dozens of others die in front of them, from starvation, malnutrition or other types of sickness.

For hundreds of years up until the late 1800s, Scots were forced from their homes in Highland and lowland clearances. Many were burned alive in their homes, and many Scots children watched as English soldiers brutally raped their mothers or murdered their fathers in front of them.

Even in the present day, Scots are regarded as 2nd class citizens by the British establishment.

The British establishment seems overly keen to perpetuate the myth that Scots are "subsidised." This is despite Scotland sending £63 billion in tax revenues to the treasury last year, and the Scottish Government receiving only £30 billion back.

To this day they use Scotland as a Guinea Pig for things like the Poll Tax, Universal Credit, welfare reform.

To this day they use Scotland as a dumping ground for their nuclear bombs and nuclear waste. Almost all of Scotland's beautiful rivers have been poisoned by England's nuclear waste.

To this day, Scotland does not have a seat at the table in the UK establishment. With only 59 out of 650 MPs, Scotland's voice is outnumbered by 10 to 1.

To this day, the Scots culture is mocked and ridiculed on the BBC and by the British establishment. Scotland's people are referred to as "British" when they're winning awards, and "Scottish" when they've done something wrong.

To this day, we are mocked, harassed and beaten for our Celtic features like red hair and very pale skin.

To this day, the British establishment wants to paint Scotland in a poor light at every opportunity.

To this day, all of the decent jobs and opportunities lie south of the border. All of the decent finance sector jobs are in England.

The past is important, but the future even more so.

My ancestors once flourished in Scotland and built many castles, but we were driven out and into hiding. The British royals are not my royals, they are not royal at all. I do not and will not support any of their politicians, no matter which side they profess to be on, because they are not on our side.

The Serpents are rising.

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